HIMANSHU – Yoga Trainer – us

Himanshu, a Yoga Instructor from Rishikesh( World Yoga Capital). He have done post graduation in Yoga.

With 3 years of teaching experience in Vietnam and 5 years of teaching experience in India, his classes are based on improving Core strength, Stretching and Flexibility and Meditation, He inspires others to improve their inner Strength by Focusing on themselves through the peaceful movements on the mat.

His classes are adjusted according to the ability of the students. According to their ability he give the options for postures in the classroom. He explain the postures in different ways so people can understand it better.

Himanshu have taken several workshops on different topics,

 Himanshu thinks that Yoga itself is not only a physical practice, but a lifestyle lived off the mat as well. For many students, connecting with a teacher is the necessary medium to get introduced to this kind of life.